Revelation 21:5 “He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!”


I was in front of a large warehouse.

Across the door was written:

“Piece’s Restored”

As I went inside there was a myriad of all different kinds of  boxes. Most like shoeboxes, some the type roses would be carried in, some cartons, and crates, and even coffins! 

They were all sizes and shapes and colors. Each box had a string that held it tied securely, and a tag with a picture of the contents.  This was the largest warehouse I had ever seen, and it was full, with more boxes being brought in all the time.  I walked down the row I had begun, and FINALLY reached the end where there was a worktable set up just inside the exit door. 

There stood the Lord, with tools laying all around Him, and a big vat of something very thick and sweet smelling.  It contained a liquid that was a ruby red, very glossy and shiny.  He had just completed what He had been working on, and turned it around for me to see.  It was a beautiful Tiffany style lamp, unlike any on earth.  He placed the tag that had come with it underneath the base of this beautiful lamp as His signature card.  It was a picture of what had come into His hands from the box….Ugly and broken pieces of junk all jumbled and disorganized had been tossed into the box and cast aside.  All of these boxes in the warehouse  held similar contents of broken and discarded pieces, parts that were useless and unwanted or tossed aside. 

Now that these contents had been made new, it was placed on a serving tray to be  carried out the exit door.  Above the exit door was written:

‘Peace is Restored.”

Word of the Lord:

My peace I give to you.  You have given Me the pieces of your life, and I make all things new.  Out of broken dreams will come the dream I have waiting just for you.  From destroyed hopes will come My hope fulfilled for many.

It is the blood I shed for you that is the very essence which has carried you through, and will keep you together for what lies ahead. Life is in the blood, and I restore life to you this day.  My life poured out, will flood into you, and I will seal and secure the pieces brought to  Me. Even those you withheld out of shame or pride, or a combination of both, I will mold into something beautiful to show forth My glory!

It is My love poured out that has filled in the empty places, and now holds all things made new.  Even if you feel like some of the pieces are still missing, I declare to you this day that is just more space for My love to flood in and fill you.  The varying sizes and shapes of the pieces do not matter in My hands, for as My blood, the blood of the covenant you have entered into with Me, seeps into the cracks and crevices of your life, every part will be held and molded in place.

Then, as each of you has been rebuilt and reconstructed, I shall form and fashion you together in ways that were not possible before you were broken and needed to be made anew.

Piece’s Restored, Peace is restored.

To you,

made new,

in My love.

Published by Debra-Louise Cossu

LISTENING FOR THE HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN I am fully alive on the inside, because I was born-again in 1971! Mine is a WonderFULL life. I am honored being a mom and Grammy, helping others as a Grief Chaplain and Missionary on the field of prayer and choosing daily to listen to the heartbeat of heaven. Here, come hear with me, for THE HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN is all you will find on my blog

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