The unexpected

Grief touches us all, and must be acknowledged and even embraced for our hearts to heal. Many times it suddenly comes out as anger or depression. We usually don’t have reason or understanding for the sudden outbursts, until we remember the losses and heartaches that have left a void within. Be patient with others during this holiday season, and even more so with yourself. Peace….one day, it will all be made right. There is One who weeps with you….

Published by Debra-Louise Cossu

LISTENING FOR THE HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN I am fully alive on the inside, because I was born-again in 1971! Mine is a WonderFULL life. I am honored being a mom and Grammy, helping others as a Grief Chaplain and Missionary on the field of prayer and choosing daily to listen to the heartbeat of heaven. Here, come hear with me, for THE HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN is all you will find on my blog

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