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Interview with Debra Cossu

After twelve years as a missionary in the house of prayer, Debra Cossu is certain that there is nothing else she would rather do. But what gives her such confidence to spend her life devoted to prayer? Last month, in a coffee shop, I met with Debra to find out.


This interview was not our first meeting. I first introduced myself to Debra through a tiny note several months ago. I had been pacing in the prayer room and feeling like I was failing at being an intercessory missionary. Then I looked over at Debra, sitting at her corner table with her bible propped against the wall and LOVE colorfully written on the pages. I knew nothing about her, but I heard the Lord say, “She is a deep well”. Since that day, I have experienced the truth of those words many times.

Therefore, I was excited to meet again, last month, and learn more about Debra. We settled in our chairs at the coffee shop and thanked one another for the opportunity. Then I began by asking her how she came to live a life devoted to prayer. 

“I was not raised in a Christian home,” said Debra, “but I found myself calling out to God and feeling like he was my Father.” Debra was praying even before she knew God. But one day, there came a point in Debra’s life where this God she was calling out to had to respond.

“Something happened at home, and in tears I walked out the front door telling God that if He did not show me He was real I was not going to go on living any more,” said Debra. That very same day, Debra gave her heart to Jesus in a Methodist church up the street from her house. She was sixteen years old.

Now, 43 years later, Debra is still praying. For her prayer is all about relationship.“Prayer is simply a conversation; a relationship, not something you do, but who you are,” said Debra, “God is wanting to share his heart with you, and wants you to share yours with him.”

At this statement, I looked up at Debra and nodded my head in agreement. But within my heart I questioned, “Is that it? What about results? What about answers?” As I continued listening, I found out that Debra understood my struggle. Many times she was faced with her own humanity seeing people in crisis situations that would take divine intervention to help. And she cried out for God to answer them. Yet she did not get discouraged when the answers didn’t come. “There are mysteries in life…we don’t always see answers to prayer, but its not about results its about the person we pray to. We must grasp hold to the One who is the answer,” said Debra.

Once again, Debra centered her life devoted to prayer in the context of relationship with God. There is someone listening to us. And it is this someone – Jesus Christ – that Debra desires all people to get to know. “Jesus loves you and is closer than your skin. We are longing for love from the moment we come into the world, and Christ is love,” said Debra.

Helping people connect with the indwelling Christ and “listen to love speak” is Debra’s life passion. Whether through her newsletters, teaching, or writing; Debra seeks to help people rest in the reality that they are loved by God. “We can face anything, if we know we are loved,” said Debra.

As I came to the end of my questions, I felt deeply encouraged as intercessory missionary. We prayed together and thanked one another again. I smiled big. I knew that the next day she would be in her regular chair in the prayer room, doing what she had always done – praying.

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Intercessory missionaries raise their own funds to continue full-time in the house of prayer. Sponsor Debra to continue doing the work of intercession. Go here and enter DC835194 for online giving through IHOPKC or give a gift via PayPal to dlcossu@gmail.com. The Father rewards such giving (Matt.6:4). 

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