I do believe this note will be heard in your hearts not just as an appeal

from my heart…..but as an invitation from heaven, for yours!

This month I am not sending out any pictures, because I really want you who care about me, to see my heart as I write to you. First you will find a note from one who has been sponsoring me since I moved here in 2002. He knew I was having more maintenance needed on the Cadillac Deville I was given just 3 years ago. 

*****Please read this all to get a clear view of why I am writing today.

“My thoughts is basically two-fold.  I think it might be easier for people to embrace the need for transportation freedom in our American world.  There could be people that might not typically donate on a regular basis for monthly living expenses, but definitely see the need for good, reliable transportation. We could prayerfully target a specific amount that would yield the purchase of a good car, like $20,000. Some person might offer a reliable set of wheels that say wholesale Blue Book’s for $15,000.  We could then try to raise the funds from you supporters to purchase, etc. Anyway, I think there are very viable options to take a burden off your mind. I don’t believe what we are discussing is a WANT, rather it is a NEED – at least here in AMERICA. I am thinking that having reliable transportation for those being supported in their full-time service for the LORD is rather basic.  You calling is to be “on your knees” before the LORD instead of “on your knees” trying to have your car fixed.  Obviously this thinking is wrong if the LORD is trying to teach you something through the car repair process.  But for the most part, your effort is to be in IHOP 24 hour prayer room. Secondly, a $15,000+ car is not an outlandish, luxurious request.  You would want the newest, least miles and best repair vehicle.  For example, my wife has an 2008 Toyota 4 Runner and it only has 85,000 miles on it.  We bought it brand new and the only costs have been regular maintenance – nothing unusual, and I suspect it will run at least another 10 years with minimal repairs.  Blue Book retail price is $11,000 and probably another $1,000 could be added for low mileage.”  The only thing I omitted in his words above was his wife’s name.

In the past 3 years I have charged close to $6,000 due to repairs and maintenance to my 2003 Cadillac DeVille! All those charges have been paid off. I always pay my cards off early and have excellent credit. PRAISE GOD.

Friends, now I am about to charge almost the same amount for urgently needed home repairs.****THIS IS MY CURRENT MAIN REQUEST….AND AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO BE BLESSED, BY BLESSING ME. I REALLY DO BELIEVE THIS STATEMENT OF RECIPROCITY IS TRUE****

You may remember when my basement flooded a few years ago, I lost almost everything that was down in that apartment. It remains totally stripped and unfinished and still leaking, but just a little now! A contractor who was asked by a friend to come look at doing the repairs on the basement said my house was “a piece of junk and not worth repairing.” I am very grateful for this home, and it is important for David to have stability and security in not having to move again.

The washer and dryer were moved upstairs into one bedroom. David lost his finished off garage bedroom because the few things that were salvaged from the basement were put in there. He has been sleeping on the sofa ever since.

I have finally found a team of three who can move the washer and dryer into part of the finished off garage and do the plumbing and electrical and drywall work. A smaller bedroom will still remain there, and David can move into the bigger bedroom where the washer and dryer have been.

They began this project on the 5th, and I can charge it all with my credit card. I hope to pay it off SOON, with your help.  Please pray, and PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE WILLING, because I know everyone is able to help to some degree.

I am eternally grateful for the handful who have been supporting me on a regular basis since I moved here, your reward is noted in heaven. I am very thankful for many of you who have generously shown your support also over the years when you could. I thank each of you who have taken time to read this, for your consideration, and ask you to feel free share with others.

You may just send a gift to me personally, or place it In PayPal for then for tax credit to sponsor me as a missionary use DC835194 for e-giving ACH and credit cards. You need to use my number Click

I do believe this note was heard in your hearts

not just as an appeal from my heart

…..but as an invitation from heaven

for yours! 816-433-8084

Published by Debra-Louise Cossu

LISTENING FOR THE HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN I am fully alive on the inside, because I was born-again in 1971! Mine is a WonderFULL life. I am honored being a mom and Grammy, helping others as a Grief Chaplain and Missionary on the field of prayer and choosing daily to listen to the heartbeat of heaven. Here, come hear with me, for THE HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN is all you will find on my blog

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